Emily Holcombe

With marching season ending across the nation most High Schools bands are indoors playing Christmas music. But the FMHS band season is not over yet. Although they had a short, fast paced season, there’s no room for a break. While all four concert bands are preparing for their Christmas concert that’s not all they do. The entire band is gearing up to march down the international stage at the 2019 Tournament of the roses.

During the school day students sit inside to practice concert music. After school once a week the students meet outside to practice the marching show and march around the track playing music. The award winning band will be playing tunes such as “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Deep In The Heart of Texas”. All songs will be memorized for an overall effect of cleanliness.

The directors are thrilled to have such an exciting opportunity and are tedious in every correction. Lines are formed in “Parade Block” in order to create the illusion of a bigger band which results in a bigger sound.

While the students are there they will also get to go to Band Fest and meet other kids across the nation. The band booster club of FMHS has created pins to buy and trade to the new friends each student will meet at Bandfest and Disneyland.

There is a never ends hype inside the band hall as student prepare for the nation stage in Pasadena California.

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