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Congratulations below for 2 of our Art students-pat Jadesse and Lauren on the back for a job well done! Go Jags!! Another win for Flower 2 finalists in the 2018 Fort Worth Stock Show Art Contest. Junior Lauren Frazier and senior Jadesse Chan both had 3D works in the hunt. The Awards ceremony was this past Saturday in Fort worth. Jadesse received 5th place and Lauren placed 4th with a $500 prize!!! congratulations to these talented artists on an amazing job!!


Attention French Club members: Our next in-school meeting is Thursday, January 11th at 7:45 or 3:45 in Madame Denton’s room. We will discuss our upcoming Ice-skating outing & bakery visit. Merci!



Attention Seniors: See your attendance clerk on Wednesday. January 17, to pick up your exemption qualification sheets. Exams will be Thursday, January 18, first and second period and Friday. rd and fourth period. January 19. Seniors, who qualify for exemptions. do not need to be present on day ofexams. arents must notify their student’s attendance clerk iftheir child plans to miss all or part of either day. Ifa studen arrives late or leaves early, the student must sign in or out with their attendance elerk Absences wi continue to count towards exemption until January 17. See below the exemption policy regarding absences. Thank you. Senior Semester Exam Exemptions Policy Only seniors are eligible for semester exam exemptions. Requirements for exemptions are as follows: 18-week courses: Grade averages for exemption is based on the 2nd 9-weeks average ofeach course taken during the Fall or Spring Semester. Attendance for exam exemption is based on entire 18-week period for Fall and Spring, Exempt seniors will not have to be present for exams 9-Week courses: Grade average for exemption is based on the 9-week average. Attendance for exam exemption is based on that 9-week period. Exempt seniors will be required to attend class on the day of the exam for the 1 and 3rd grading periods. Students will not be required to attend class during the 2nd and 4 grading periods. For the purpose of counting absences the following will apply: All absences are counted per class period whether excused or unexcused. These absences include medical issues, prearranged absences, family emergencies, etc. The following absences do not count against exemption status with proper documentation; court, college visits (2 days max. per school year), religious days, school- sponsored trips, Taps Veterans Funeral, US Government papers regarding citizenship. Any absence due to truancy, DAEP placement, JJAEP placement, suspension, or expulsion disqualifies a student for exemption. Three tardies count as one absence Seniors who qualify for exemption may choose to take the nal eNam.


The Student Choice Award Ballot Box is now available and ready to accept your votes. Feel free to come by and view the artworks and vote on your favorite!! Voting ends Friday, January 19th!!


Hey Art Club! Don’t forget, we have our monthly meeting TODAY, after school in room 1100 (Ms. Harper’s art room). We’ll see you then


DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. As we honor the life, and legacy, of a great American hero and leader. Please listen as we attempt to squeeze some of the many heroic accomplishments of Reverend and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., into the next day’s announcements. Dr. King was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. Dr. King graduated at the top of his class from Morehouse College and moved on to Boston University where he earned his Ph.D. in systematic theology. In June 1953 King married Coretta Scott, a student at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. The following year King, now finished with his religious education, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a pastor for the Drexel Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

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1/10 announcements