Friday 10/16/20 Announcements

AP exams registration is now open for Fall/All-year classes. To register, order, & pay to take your AP exams at FMHS next Spring you have to register in Total Registration. Go to the FMHS website and under resources, go to the Testing info page, then the AP tab. REMEMBER:
1) FMHS can’t order an exam unless you have joined the course in College
Board with a join code 2) Registration will close Friday 11-6-20 at 3pm. After that all Fall and all year
course students will have to pay a $40 per exam late fee to register
If you have any questions see your AP teacher or Mrs. Zinn, FMHS testing coordinator in room 1635

Hey “I am second community” we are excited to announce that the start of I am second this year is coming soon! Make sure to look out for the fliers in the hall, and the QR codes which are there to help the I am second leaders know how to serve you best this year! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @flomoiamsecond for more updates on what’s to come! Message us @flomoiamsecond if you have any questions! Everyone is welcome, and we cannot wait to see everyone so soon!