Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

Story by:  Pooranie SriPrabhakhar

 “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a 2018 film that came out in America on November 2nd. The movie’s budget was around $50 to $55 million dollars. The film made $473.5 million in the box office.

    The film was based on how the famous band Queen started. The bands ups and downs were mentioned and they’re big breakout. The inside life of Freddie Mercury was the biggest plot of the movie. It talked much about Mercury’s sexuality while touring. In the movie, Freddie Mercury’s past wife breaks up with him as she finds out that he had an affair with his personal manager, Paul Prenter. As time goes on, the band continues to go touring. Unfortunately, Freddie and his band mates started to feud. Freddie then signs a $4 million deal with CBS Records and goes solo. He starts working on his solo album and continues his relationship with Paul. While working on his solo music, Freddie’s ex-wife, Mary, comes and tells him that he should join the band again because they have been offer to play at the Wembley Stadium to benefit AIDS. Freddie gets mad at Paul for hiding this from him and breaks ties with him. Freddie then returns to London and asks his bandmates for forgiveness. The accept his apology. Around this same time, AIDS started spreading and Freddie unfortunately is tested positive for it.  While rehearsing for the stadium, Freddie tells his bandmates about his AIDS. On the day of the concert for AIDS, he reunites with Mary and his family. After his performance, many donations were made to help the cause. Unfortunately, at the end Freddie dies and his bandmates create the “Mercury Phoenix Trust” to help AIDS around the world.

 Rami Malek did an amazing job as Freddie Mercury. His acting made it feel like Freddie was still here. Malek was the perfect person to play Freddie Mercury. He made the character come to life with his dancing and speech. I give his acting five out of five stars.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review