Girls Soccer Program

March 25, 2019

By Allison Platz The new girls coming in to the soccer program at Flower Mound High School have been working very hard to play to the best of their ability. There are three teams ranking from Varsity, JV 1, then JV 2. Even thou...


March 25, 2019

By Emily Horner The Flower Mound Rosettes are a great group of girls that all share their passion for dance together. This organization is a wonderful opportunity for girls to bond together while they perform during football half tim...

Clay Matthews Traded to Rams

March 25, 2019

By Zachary Samuels With 10 years under his belt as a Green Bay linebacker, Clay Matthews has signed a two year contract with the LA Rams. Matthews had already played for the Rams but was picked up by the Packers in 2009. Now ...

Spurs vs. Rockets: Game 1

Alexis Smith

May 5, 2017

With the San Antonio Spurs defeating the Memphis Grizzlies in only six games, Spurs fans had high hopes for facing the Houston Rockets, the only other Texas NBA team in the playoffs. However, the game didn’t go quite as expected. On...

Is The Kaep Time over?

Saimaadhur Bommareddy

May 2, 2017

As NFL free agency reaches a close, the market still houses a few notable names, names like Jamaal Charles, Jahri Evans, and Jay Cutler. However, the fact that Colin Kaepernick, the former $128 million dollar quarterback for the...

The fight to make water polo a UIL sport

Emma Wiborg

April 6, 2017

According to the National Federation of High School Associations  (NFHS), water polo is the fastest growing sport in America. Water polo participation has increased by 12 percent between the years 2012 and 2016, going from 17,000...

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