Are Cursing Politicians What America Needs?

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It’s common nature that humans associate foul words in public talk to be associated with the speaker trying to make a point? However, if one notices, the frequency of politicians using such foul words in public speeches is increasing alarmingly, and may be spreading the wrong message to the youth of our nation.

On Saturday, April 22, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez didn’t think twice to tell an audience in Las Vegas that Trump “doesn’t give a s*** about health care.” In Portland, Maine, Perez said, “They call it a skinny budget, I call it a s***ty budget.” Earlier this month the DNC began selling a t-shirt that read, “Democrats give a s*** about people.” Bernie Sanders has, at many debates, referenced Hillary Clinton’s “Sick d*** emails.” These are just a few instances of politicians swearing in public. And if you think such comments are limited to male politicians, think again. Of Perez’s comments, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said “If we’re not helping people, we should go the f*** home.” What beautiful language.

However, why is it that politicians have suddenly resorted to this indecent behavior? The brain’s language control center is in the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex but cursing is controlled by the limbic system — which is the part of the brain that processes emotions.In short, when we see politicians cursing, our brain is lulled into a deceptive trance that politicians are everyday people just like us and since they also seem to swear just like us, we accept them as trustworthy people.

It is in the hands of the people to take on a more active role and ensure that this trend is bucked. What message are we giving to our children if we laugh at a politician using F words to defame his opposition and then we vote that very same candidate into power? The answer is one for you to decide.




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Are Cursing Politicians What America Needs?