Michelle Fang: Drawing From Her Roots


Hot N Cold

When Michelle Fang was little, she found herself spending most nights alone with only her paper and pencil to keep her company. What started as a way to pass the time grew into a lifelong passion for creating art. This passion is exhibited in her spectacular graphite and watercolor drawings, one of which was the winning piece of this year’s Art Open.

Fang took a simple childhood memory in order to produce “Hometown,” a watercolor and ink drawing portraying the streets of Shanghai, China.

“This [piece] reflects my opinion of China,” said Fang. “The economic growth has fueled the country to material wealth just like the magnificent buildings, but the communist government’s shadow will never allow the Chinese to fully experience freedom.”

All of Fang’s pieces stem from a deep desire to inspire her fellow artists and make a change in the world.

“To me, art isn’t just a pursuit of technique but instead, it’s a method to tell my story,” said Fang. “Everyone carries different experiences and I see art as my way of critiquing the status quo.”
She shares the tragic tale of China’s restraining environment in “Hometown,” and this spoke volumes to all who had the pleasure of viewing it.

While high school oftentimes becomes a race, Fang has managed to find an element of serenity in the hustle and bustle of the competitive art world.

“Art is something that simply can’t be rushed,” said Fang. “It takes thought and patience- and that has reminded me to slow down and thoroughly enjoy the moment.”