A Future Of Self-Driving Cars

By Sammy Kaushik

Courtesy – https://www.tesla.com

Chances are, the person next to you on the highway isn’t even driving their car. If you’ve ever seen a Tesla, the electric self driving car taking the world by storm, they come pre included with a self driving capacity. So what are our cars going to look like in 20 years?

In 2012, Elon Musk and his company Tesla released the Model S sedan. It was a luxury electric car that could drive itself. Who doesn’t want that? Google has been working on fully self driving cars since 2009 in the form of a project called Waymo. Following in Google’s footsteps, Uber has started working on self driving taxis.

Self driving cars have also been the subject of scrutiny. In 2016 a man was killed in his Tesla while self driving in a collision with a truck. In 2018 an Uber taxi also was in a crash. While studies show that self driving is far more safe than a human driver, it is still hard to trust. In my experience riding a Tesla almost every day it is very weird for a car to just be driving itself on the highway.

I believe in the future of driverless cars and who knows? Maybe in 30 years having a license will be obsolete.