Board Game Club Comes Rolling In


Keaton Shaffer, Staff Writer

Among the many groups and organizations there are to join at FMHS, Board Game Club is steadily becoming one of the student body’s favorites, and for good reason. Hosted weekly on Wednesdays in Mr. Dalak’s room, 2575, Board Game Club is a social club with a perfect premise. Every time members get together, they choose from what seems like an endless supply of board games, such as the relatively simple “Santorini,” a building-based tile game, or “The Quacks Of Quedlinburg,” in which players brew a strange mixture of game tokens, and play. Now, some might say that sounds a little daunting, especially if you don’t know all the ins and outs of the games. However, knowing the rule books isn’t required to join the club. In fact, you can participate even if you’ve never played a board game before. 

“I like Board Game Club because anyone can join and they don’t even know how to play any board games,” Board Game Club member Leo Redding said.

The fact that the club doesn’t restrict entry to anyone has become one of its greatest strengths. Many of its members have gotten to know their classmates much better, teaming up to strategize against opponents or challenging each other head to head, allowing them to make new friends with an awesome shared interest.

“I love Board Game Club because it allows me to meet new people, and get to know them while playing board games,” Abhi Salver said.

When it comes down to it, Board Game Club can really just be a good break from the stresses of life as a highschool student. Meetings function as a fun escape for students like David Trujillo, and often have some benefits that they appreciate, such as snacks.

“Board Game club is something everyone can join. It’s fun and easy and a good way to get to know people,” Trujillo said. “And there’s sometimes food, which is good.”

Erwin Kingston, the student behind the club and one of those responsible for its success, is happy with Board Game Club’s current state and continual growth. 

“Board games haven’t been as popular as they have been in the past due to our technology, and we wanted people to experience the joy of them with their friends,”  Kingston said about his motivations to work on the club.

It is safe to say Kingston has seen his aspirations to create a unique and welcoming environment come to fruition, and he hopes to see more people discover the great hobby through Board Game Club. All in all, we recommend you roll the dice and check out the club for yourself.