Guest Speakers

Rosie Du

Flower mound recently had a guest speaker named Houston Kraft. He spoke to the students about kindness, and how it impacts people.

“I thought the whole speech was unnecessary and cringy, we already know all of this,” said Olivia Knabe, freshman.

“Well, I thought the speech was sweet and reminded a lot of people the difference they can make,” said Kerrigan Ferland, freshman. Kraft encouraged them to spread kindness and be kind even when you don’t expect anything in return.

One story Kraft told the students was about a woman he met named Helga. They met on the airplane, and conversed during the flight. Helga told Kraft about how no one helped her at an airport for 2 hours when a relative of hers had died, and no one tried to reach out to her. Kraft used this example to support his claim that we should make the choice to be kind, and don’t expect anything back.

LISD should hire more guest speakers to talk about life lessons. The effect they have could change the students lives.

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