Loaning Money to a Friend is Not a Good Idea

Melanie Lopez

If you loan money to a relative or friend, you will be helping them. That’s a myth. I believe that all that will do is complicate your relationship with that person. It could even destroy a relationship.

It will complicate a relationship with someone because the person will most likely not pay you back. For example, I once knew this girl called Courtney and she asked to borrow $10. I know that isn’t really a lot of money, but the fact that she didn’t even try to pay me back made me view her differently. We still talk every once and awhile but it destroyed a relationship with this other girl. Her name was Gracie and she borrowed $200. I wasn’t sure I should let her borrow the money because I knew what was going to happen. I called her a month later asking if she had the money since I saw pictures of her in hawaii. She didn’t answer my calls or messages. A few weeks passed and I saw her at the mall. Long story short we don’t talk anymore and I hate her.

One person could argue that you know your friend or relative very well and you know they will pay you back, but I believe that you shouldn’t mix friendships with money. If you have the money just let them have it if they really need it. If you loan money to a friend, you will not be helping them but risking getting in a fight. The relationship could be strained or destroyed.

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Loaning Money to a Friend is Not a Good Idea