New Rule In FMHS Choir Room Backfires

Kerrigan Ferland 

        On Wednesday, Dec. 5, the choir room at FMHS introduced a new rule that would be relevant to all of its students: from that point forward, all phones would be hung on the wall in a wall hanger pouch. Many students felt uncomfortable with doing so, saying they would prefer to have their phones on their persons in case of emergency, or at least in their own backpacks so not everyone could look at their screens and see their information. This new development was supposed to help ease the distractions in the classroom and help all the singers focus more on their songs, yet on Dec. 10, the idea backfired.

    During rehearsal, the kids were being constantly interrupted as a whole when multiple phones continued to ring throughout the class. They were constantly forced to stop and try to figure out which phone was causing the problem, then to turn the ringer off. Yet that was hard to do with a class of 95, which is how many the FMHS treble choir contains.

     The students do not know if the choir directors will change their decision, make the students silence their phones before class, or just stick with the distracting method of hanging the phones on the wall for the entire class to see and hear.

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New Rule In FMHS Choir Room Backfires