Splash into the new Season

Lauren Le, Staff Writer

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Following the 2014 season ending in a trip to state, the water polo team started practice for the 2015 spring season last Monday. Both the boys and girls teams have started daily two-hour practices at the Westside Aquatic Center in order to build up the endurance needed to play the game.

“I’m excited to be a part of a team that went to state last year,” freshman Brooke Le said. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work to be able to play at their level, but I think the other freshman and I can do it.”

Following a physically tough last season, the players are expecting the same this year.

“I’ve been punched a couple of times,” junior Daniel Roach said. “I’ve been kicked under the water so the referees couldn’t see. People get ruthless sometimes, but it’s worth it.”

Practices for water polo involve a lot of everything, from swimming laps to core workouts outside of the water. The players are trained to be ready for anything.

“The first game is always the hardest,” Le said. “You’re totally exhausted by the end. It really tests your endurance. Once you get that over with, though, you understand how much mental and physical strength you need to play well, and you build off of that.”

The team last year made it to state, and they are doing everything that they can to make it again.

“All the program does is improve,” junior Christina Mcgee said. “Every year I’ve played, it’s been better. The coaches understand more, and so do the players. I think by the time I’m a senior the program will be even better than it is now.”

Set dates for the tournaments have not been determined yet, but majority of the games will be played in the new Aquatic Center in Lewisville.

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