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The Dallas Cowboys

Story by: Jake Klancnik

The Dallas Cowboy 2018 – 2019 season has had a giant turn of events.


The Cowboys are in the worst division in the NFL with the Redskins, Eagles,


and Giants. The Eagles and Giants have had embarrassing season even with


their Pro Bowl talent. The Redskins have had a promising season even


though projected to have a losing record. The Cowboys started the season off


horrible with four loses and only a few wins. It looked the the Cowboys would


have another mediocre season finishing 7 – 9. But now after a few wins in a


row they have new hope.


    This Thursday the Cowboys play the Saints for one of their hardest


games of the year. The Saints have an MVP candidate quarterback, a quick


young running back, and tall receivers. The Cowboys have been praised on


their tough defense so this will be a huge challenge going up a Super Bowl


like offense. The Cowboys problem in the past has been their lack of a


quarterback. This year it looked like another one of those years until Dak


Prescott finally had a breakout game in a win against the Redskins. The


Cowboys offense needs to be on their game to compete with the dominate




    This could be the year all Cowboy fans have been looking for. They had


a high chance of making the playoffs and finally winning a playoff game. If the


Cowboys take care of easy wins to close out the season then young Cowboy


fans might finally see the Dallas Cowboys back to how they were.

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The Dallas Cowboys