Do Bystanders Have a Responsibility to Intervene When There is Trouble?

Ava Washington, J1 Guest Writer

Have you ever witnessed someone doing something wrong? Whether it’s someone being bullied or committing a crime. If your answer is yes then I have a second question. Did you intervene? 

Even in everyday situations, bystanders have opportunities to prevent a crime, call for help, or support survivors. Often, they do not. Of course, there are exceptions such as if intervening puts your life at risk. In that situation the proper thing to do would be to call the cops. But most times people see a scary situation and assume someone else will call the cops or offer help. 

For example, if someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend hit them.The correct thing to do would be to call the cops or step in and remove the person being hit from the situation. But most times people think it isn’t their business and turn the other way. 

There have been way too many cases of children being taken, abuse, robberies, and a substantial amount of other things being witnessed and not reported because of humanity’s ignorance. Often doing something to stop or help the situation at hand instead of turning your head the other way could save someone’s life.