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Peacocks: A Threat to FloMo?
David Trujillo, Guest Writer • February 14, 2022

Everyone knows of the peacocks that live on Sagebrush Drive. The ones that strut about without a care in the world. And while many choose to...

Photo via Joshua Zhang
Club Celebrates Asian Cultures at FMHS
Sowmya Sridhar, Staff Writer • February 14, 2022

When the officers of the Chinese Culture Club left for college, Joshua Zhang eagerly volunteered to keep the club going at FMHS. But after Zhang...

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Kanye West Canceled
Nandini Dasari, Assistant Editor • March 24, 2022

Kanye West has gone rogue. Within the span of six months, the American musician, fashion designer, and multimillionaire has appalled the Internet,...

The Varsity Water Polo team shows their first place poster after a win against Southlake in the state championship.
What’s Next For Water Polo?
Shivani Ojha, Staff Writer • January 20, 2022

Water polo originated from the rivers and lakes of Scotland as a combination of football and rugby in water. Today, the sport is played across...

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Eating Disorders: More Than Just Food
Eating Disorders: More Than Just Food
Tina Luo, Editor-in-Chief • February 27, 2022

With the second-highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders, exceeded only by opioid addiction, eating disorders represent complex...

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Ask a Jag: Cinderella Cast
Ask a Jag: Cinderella Cast
Newspaper Staff, Staff Writers • January 24, 2022

This week’s “Ask a Jag” features Sophia Campbell, Daniel Andersen, AnnaClaire Arterbury, and Riley Grippo, who are the actors playing Cinderella,...

Mitski’s Reluctant Return
Mitski’s Reluctant Return
Anushka Chakravarthi, Staff Writer • March 24, 2022

For Mitski, making music comes at a deep cost. As she told an interviewer for Rolling Stone, “The music industry is this supersaturated version...

The Heart Of An Artist - “Anyone Can Write A Song!” Review
The Heart Of An Artist - “Anyone Can Write A Song!” Review
Keaton Shaffer, Staff Writer • February 18, 2022

Chris Paul Overall and Martin Brown’s Anyone Can Write A Song! is an incredible and inspiring account of what it means to be a songwriter,...

Photo via earlsweatshirt.com
An Album Review: SICK!
Nelson Acosta, Staff Writer • February 17, 2022

Thebe Kgositsile, known by the name of Earl Sweatshirt, has been making music since 2008. SICK! is Sweatshirt's fourth studio album, released...

Fashion Design Students are practicing their embroidery skills. They used this technique to add some designs to the tote bag they created earlier this semester. “The sewing is the best part because I feel like that’s something I can use in other parts of my life,” said Sandhu.
Is Fashion Design Right For You?
Shivani Ojha, Staff Writer • March 8, 2022

The halls are filled with posters advertising Fashion Design 2, but many students don’t know enough about the class itself. Fashion Design...

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