Isaac Littleton: Teenage Author

Eleanor Rose Tallman

September 22, 2020

Robert Bach once said that “a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Critics may argue that teenagers have not experienced enough to construct a dynamic novel. As a result, young writers could be considere...

An Artist’s Mind Behind The Scenes

Kayla Tran

May 7, 2020

People see different things when they look at art. Some see the emotion behind each stroke while others may just see a nice piece of art in an exhibit. Some may not even understand what is happening in the art. Just as we never...

Change in Quarantine

Matthew Derow

May 4, 2020

This time in history is unlike any other. The world is going through a pandemic and life as everyone knows it has changed forever. To many of us this is the first major event that has changed the way we can live, but for others...

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