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Christine Bolitho (right), Valme Alvarez and Adam Morrison each pose for a photo, excited to start teaching at Flower Mound. They all came from different backgrounds, but were ready to educate. “I guess you could say it’s my dream to come work in Lewisville because its such a good district,” Bolitho said.
A Warm Welcome
Nina Aitha and Isabella Reyna October 24, 2023

As each new school year begins and new students are welcomed, a wave of eager teachers are welcomed to Flower Mound as well. Teachers work tirelessly...

What Does It Take To Be One of the Best Musicians in the State?

Isabella Reyna
Shalom Lee, 10, plays the flute before school. Many band members practice before school all around the fine arts hall. “I try to practice every day, and improve my sound and tone,” Lee said.

Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State is a competition held every fall, where students from all over Texas compete to be named one of the best musicians in the state. The first phase of auditions starts on November 16th, but people prepare months in advance when the audition music is released, July 18th.

There are four phases leading up to All-State. In Phase One, the judges listen for correct notes and rhythms; in Phase Two, they’re listening for more musicality. Area is the last phase before All-State, where nearly 4,000 students around the state express their talent and any small mistake could cost them their spot. About 15% of the participants in Area are able to perform in one of the four All-State bands/orchestras. Many students plan out a solid timeline to ensure that they are well prepared before the competition’s start.

“Area takes place right after Winter Break, so I have plenty of time to really narrow down any inconsistencies with my playing. By the week of Area, I should be fully confident I can play everything perfectly. State recording is a few days after Area, so I just maintain my skills so I can feel confident that my recording will be perfect,” Karter Dax, three time All-Stater said.

Everyone gets nervous to some extent, but to make All-State you have to learn to deal with those emotions. 

“The way I cope is I tell myself I’m better than everybody else…I also try to do some breathing exercises,” Shalom Lee, a sophomore trying to make All-State, said.

Many people work hard to achieve the All-State title, but it begs the question. Why spend so much time mastering an instrument when you could be enjoying your free time?

  “When I was in the Region orchestra, I remember I got chills from playing certain music, and I just really want to get that experience again at the All-State level with really great musicians around me and to play some of the best music,” Marina Reyna, senior aiming to make All-State, said. 

Last year, our school had the highest number of All-Staters. Brent Biskup, Head Director of Bands, believes students in our area are prone to making All-State which brings out a competitive side. 

“We have some programs in our area that have traditionally good-playing students, and when you have that, it creates more competition between students,” Biskup said.

As we get closer to auditions, the tensions rise and with a quick walk through the fine arts hall you will see dozens of students practicing. In two months, the first phase will commence. 

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