A Flying Fantasy

Tymere Watson, Guest Writer

I was 10 feet above the ground, yet it felt like 100 for 5 year old me. I was a short kid with a big imagination. It all started from my favorite movie, Batman Begins, played by Christan Bale. My favorite scene was when Batman went soaring through the air with his cape, and that inspired me, a little too much. Flash back to 2012 when I went to a track meet in Texas. I tied a blanket around my neck like a cape. I climbed up to the center of the X-shaped bleachers. Then I jumped. I went soaring through the air like Batman, with a blanket tied around my neck, until my flight time expired. I fell to the ground, until it went dark. When I woke up in my hospital bed with stitches in my head, I learned that sometimes our dreams can be too unrealistic.