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Christine Bolitho (right), Valme Alvarez and Adam Morrison each pose for a photo, excited to start teaching at Flower Mound. They all came from different backgrounds, but were ready to educate. “I guess you could say it’s my dream to come work in Lewisville because its such a good district,” Bolitho said.
A Warm Welcome
Nina Aitha and Isabella Reyna October 24, 2023

As each new school year begins and new students are welcomed, a wave of eager teachers are welcomed to Flower Mound as well. Teachers work tirelessly...

The Politics Behind a Toilet Bowl

Emma Santos
Zoe Jung, 11, holds her newest ceramic piece, a large toilet, for her AP art portfolio. Jung’s toilet is symbolic of the government, with the tank and bowl representing the government and population respectively. “[My AP art portfolio] is kind of small right now because I kind of take my time with my work.”

As clerks converse amongst themselves and politicians straighten their ties, Zoe Jung, 11, observes the floor of Congress from up close, a view few teenagers have seen. Sponsored and appointed by Senator John Cornyn, Jung attended an ambassadorship in Washington DC this summer that gave her insight into the vast inter-workings of the US Congress. From knitting sweaters for refugees to her time spent in Congress, Jung’s creativity and innovation shine through in everything she does.

“I think there’s a lot of meaning and a lot of work that’s in the behind-the-scenes,” Jung said.

From confidential conversations between congressmen to the chit-chat of clerks, Jung was not only able to gain a better understanding of the legislative branch, but also of the humanity behind the politicians themselves. 

“[The congressmen] weren’t as hostile to each other, and they were really just more friendly, and we don’t really see that,” Jung said.

Jung’s diverse passions extend beyond political science, as she is currently an AP art student in ceramics. 

“I only took Art 1 for my art credit. I had no idea I would be doing AP Art right now,” Jung said. 

Although she was a crafty child, art didn’t enter the forefront of her life until high school. Since then, she has grown to love 3D art, from ceramics to knitting.

“I felt inspired when I came back from DC,” Jung said after creating her most recent piece, a large ceramic toilet. 

The sculpture serves as a form of political introspection, with the small tank of the toilet representing the government elites and the large toilet bowl representing the citizens below. Themes of politics prevail throughout many of her ceramic works.

“I’m just always trying to produce something, even subconsciously,” Jung said. 

In addition to ceramics, Jung often knits sweaters for herself and others. Through Salt and Light Children’s Ministry, a non-profit organization that helps educate refugee children, Jung has been able to knit sweaters for, as well as tutor, young refugees from Ukraine, Iran, and Burma. 

Sculpting and knitting have become her creative outlets, allowing her to converge her passions for art and political science. After graduating early this spring, Jung plans to continue pursuing art in new ways.

“[Urban design] kind of fuses my interests and passions,” Jung said. She hopes to use her experience in Congress and her love of 3D art to help uplift communities in her future career.

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