Zombies March for a Better Future

James Knight

They march slowly, crawling over the earth and groaning as the sun scalds their green, rotting flesh. Yet they trudge on, marching forward with determination, one thought unifying each and every zombie as they continue their slow, plodding motion onward. However, that thought isn’t their hunger for brains.

These ‘zombies’ are, in reality, students of Flower Mound High School, mostly members of the National Honor Society and assorted friends. But why dress as zombies? The NHS, lead by Mrs. Brenda Crabtree, was having a zombie walk as a fundraiser for the NHS so that students can get NHS scholarships to a variety of colleges.

In early September, NHS students sold NHS Zombie Walk t-shirts to raise money and promote the actual zombie walk, which took place Halloween day. The proceeds from their sales were used to help the Crohns and Collidus foundation, and also to help outstanding students obtain scholarships to make it to their chosen college.

The walk took place in the FMHS football stadium. Its inspiration was a publicized zombie walk last year that yielded favorable results that year, and FMHS’ own zombie walk achieved great results this year as well.