A Voyage to Corpus Christi

Andrea Neal

Learning about an aircraft carrier, getting to be on a TV show, and visiting cells real prisoners were in are just a few examples of what occurred during the AFJROTC trip to the USS Lexington.

The students that went on the trip spent a weekend on a replica of the original USS Lexington, now located in Corpus Christi. The ship was originally used for the US Navy during World War II, but  was retired soon after. The Lexington has now been replicated in three locations across the United States so people near and far can experience history as the seamen did while on the ship.

“My favorite part of the trip was staying on the Lexington and being surrounded by the history. I have a lot of respect for what the seamen went through,” Master Sgt. Lisa Bruer said.

The students didn’t stay on the ship the whole time, however. They participated in variety of different things.

“The students were able to experience a haunted house held on the ship. Some of them were even interviewed by a TV station that was broadcasting the haunted house as it happened,” Bruer said. “A select few were even asked to be a part of the actual ‘scaring’ that was happening.”

Even though the trip wasn’t completely focused on topics related to the class, the students felt it enriched their knowledge of AFJROTC.

“We learned about the history of the USS Lexington and some different components that make it up,” freshman Jacob Williams said.

The seniors in AFJROTC got a special treat as well. They were taken to the very bottom decks of the ship to tour cells where inmates were kept.

“The things that we, as seniors were able to do, were probably my favorite part of the ship. Getting to see what the people during the World War actually experienced was amazing,” senior Christian Castaneda-Magana said.

Whether the students’ opinions of the trip were solemn or utterly exciting, it’s safe to say that everyone who experienced it will have memories to last a lifetime.