Ask a Jag: Ms. Schmaltz


Nandini Dasari and Tina Luo

This week’s Inaugural Spotlight Jag is Ms. Schmaltz! Ms. Schmaltz teaches Dual Credit and Honors English II and was a Teacher of the Year Finalist last year. She sponsors the Let’s Talk About It Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Spike Ball Club. She’s a great person to look to for advice!


Q : What is your opinion on trade schools over college? -Ethan Robertson

A: I see trade school as an equal to college. Depending on what you want to do after high school, trade school might be the perfect option. In fact, we are currently seeing a shortage of individuals with trade skills. The key is to have an idea of what you want to do. Reach out to your counselors, as they can tell you if trade school would be the right path to achieving your career goals! 


Q: What is your strategy to stay on top of things academically and balance out all your classes with extracurricular activities, and do you ever feel like your falling behind? -Emily Spretz

A: Calendar, planners, reminders. As your typical type-A teacher, I have about three different planners and calendars that I update each week. Thankfully, though, only one is needed to help you in your balancing endeavor. I would plan out each week on my calendar, dedicate certain days to homework, and make sure to schedule in down time for my mental health. Do I ever feel like I am falling behind? All the time. Even as an “adult” I struggle with balance. So, do not fret if you feel overwhelmed. Take a breath, make a plan, and pet a dog. That usually helps me!


Q: What is the spike ball club and how can I join?

A: Spike ball is arguably the most entertaining game out there. It is a cross between four-square and volleyball. We will have our first spike ball meeting next month, and we would love for you to join!