Letters of Intent

Michaela McPherson

Twelve athletes from the baseball, softball, and golf teams signed Letters of Intent on Wednesday, November 13.

 Letters of Intent state a student’s choice of college, and once signed, the choice can no longer be changed until a full year of attendance.

Six members from the baseball team, five from the softball team, and one from the golf team signed the Letters.


Tim Millard – Dallas Baptist

Mitch Andrews – Sam Houston

Connor Wanhanen – TCU

Kyle Johnston – University of Texas

Seth Jordan – West Virginia

BJ Myers – West Virginia


Kelly Powell – Ouachita Baptist

Alex Jennings – Ouachita Baptist

Tessa Olssen – Henderson State

Katie Holehouse – George Mason University

Allie Smith – West Texas A&M


Bryant Evans – Western Kentucky

The Wire wishes the best to these athletes on their college and career paths.