LISD Kindness Campaign

Fatima Jafri, Staff Writer


The more kind acts one does, the happier they feel. Any random act of kindness can impact someone in ways that we might not even notice. The district’s objective is to involve students and staff in spreading words of encouragement to one another. 

Elizabeth Hendry, senior and president of the Kindness Campaign, says that the campaign has very much been “produced by our own students. An awesome group of kids have shown so much commitment to bettering this school through acts of kindness.” After the launch of the campaign, students have shown an increase in school spirit and positivity. “Be Kind” has impacted a universal message that everyone needs right now. 

Hendry loves and appreciates the campaign because “it isn’t like any normal club. Everyone has volunteered not just to look good on a transcript but to actually get involved in showing kindness to others. There is no such thing as too much kindness. Being a part of something like this and helping launch it all has made me feel like I’m a part of something greater than myself. I hope to see this campaign continue on for years to come.” she says.

Mrs. McMinimy, the school’s Kindness Campaign sponsor, agreed that the campaign is “designed to create a culture of kindness in our campus communities. Bringing awareness of the impact that kindness has on all facets of our school and community life can only result in good things! Being kind is as simple as smiling and greeting people we pass in the hall and spread so easily.” Furthermore, Mrs. McMinimy remarks that the campaign is important to her because she “believes in the power of positivity and in bringing people up.” She loves that “simple acts of kindness have such an impact and enjoys being in a part of any group that focuses on the good and spreads cheer to all”.

The fourth annual Kindness Week is set for next week. So make sure to start off the week by wearing the “LISD Be Kind” shirt or wear any kind of blue to show support!