Student Activists Club

Payton Killeen, Writer

Student Activists Club, started this year by Juniors Grace Wessels and Devon Regal, is dedicated to inspiring students to engage in current news.

“We educate ourselves and take action on current issues in the world today,” said Wessels, Co-President of the club. “We’ll discuss anything from mental health to religious freedom to human trafficking.”

Club members learn about and explore different important topics affecting the world today through a number of methods.

“We [will] watch documentaries, have discussions, and volunteer at local organizations,” Wessels said.

Student Activists Club creates a platform for students to look into the world a little deeper, and was created out of a need for such a platform at Flower Mound.

“[We are] very interested in social justice and activism, and there wasn’t a club or organization at our school that focuses on all aspects of activism,” Wessels said. “[We] wanted to make a club that allowed [us] to help our world and educate [ourselves] and others.

This club offers a variety of topics, which are controlled by its members.

“For every few meetings, club members vote on new topics that we’ll discuss, so everyone gets an opportunity to focus on what they’re really passionate about,” Wessels said.

The Student Activists Club welcomes anyone, no matter their level of knowledge of the topics discussed.

“Anyone that has an interest in activism should join,” Wessels said. “Even if someone is curious, or is interested but doesn’t know much about activism, I’d still encourage them to join! The point is to inform and learn about our world’s current issues, and if someone isn’t very educated in activism but wants to be, this is a good place to start.”