‘Stralia Strikes Again


Taryn Glover, Assistant Editor

Australian music group Sheppard have joined the list of breakthrough artists from down under— such as Vance Joy, Iggy Azalea, and 5 Seconds of Summer, despite their dubious talent—with their hit single “Geronimo.” Although their debut album, Bombs Away, way released in July of last year, it has recently gained popularity due to their growing global success. Their single “Geronimo” attracted listeners after being featured in a lip-dub marriage proposal that went viral.

Unlike some of the indie-pop music that is over played on the radio, Sheppard’s music style is refreshing and unique. The first track on the album, “Geronimo,” may be repetitive and unimaginative, but you can’t really help singing along to the upbeat song. The next three songs that follow are generally the same—with an energetic beat and repetitive lyrics that I could learn before the song ended— but were enjoyable nonetheless, and I hadn’t found much to hate about Sheppard yet.

When the fifth song on the album, “A Grade Playa” began, it became clear why the album was titled Bombs Away. It isn’t that bad, but in comparison to how pleasant the first four songs were, this song considerably ruined the potential this album had. Starting off with a promising beat, the song is ruined as soon as the lyrics start . Predominantly sung by Amy Sheppard, the song features a repetition of the lyrics “you’re an A grade playa, a fighter, a hater”, but she believes she will “find a dude who was better than you”. She belts out the lyrics with a fiery hatred over a “playa” who broke her heart, but her voice not only doesn’t work with the song, it just doesn’t work in general. This song was a monumental mistake, but I still had hope for Sheppard and the rest of the album.

Sadly, the final eight songs are off and on, but they generally went downhill after the fifth track. The last song of the album, called “Flying Away”, was similar to the first four songs, and it ends the album on a slightly better note.

Although my high hopes for the album had been crushed, I wouldn’t to give Sheppard a bad rep. Their music style is distinct and energetic, and I appreciate their individuality. Bombs Away may not have been my personal favorite, but they still deserve recognition for not being the usual trash that comes out of Australia—I’m looking at you, Iggy and Five Seconds of Summer.