Swimarathon to end Polio

By Daria Kropshofer


The Rotary Club Of Flower Mound partnered with LISD to create a swim event. The purpose of this is to end Polio, and raise awareness. The Swimarathon was held on Saturday, at 2 p.m.

All five LISD swim teams and community members participated and spectator admission was free. It was about creating an impact of change with a global initiative. This is an example of how every individual can contribute to change on a global basis, even if it is just one ISD it can impact many people to go out there and help in the fight against Polio.

Polio is an illness that has existed for many centuries, even though it is rare because many people now vaccinate their children, some people are unaware of it. It is also preventable by a vaccine, so creating awareness is important. People that are aware of this disease can get a vaccine and prevent getting this disease.