Technology in Classrooms

Ashton Nelson

    Technology is getting in the hands of younger and younger people all the time. It has become more accessible almost anywhere people go, Including schools.

    As younger people start getting phones, Ipads, etc. they inevitably travel with them to school. This has caused major disruptions in classrooms all around the world. From phones ringing in the middle of a lesson to students playing games or texting under their desks during class, it has become an issue in almost every classroom.

    Some teachers resort to taking phones at the beginning of class, or hanging them in pockets on the wall. Others just constantly remind students to stay off of their distracting devices. Either way, it doesn’t prevent most students from finding a way to get to their technology.

     I believe that although sometimes it is necessary to collect devices, a lot of times students hold resentment towards teachers who do so. I think students should be able to have their personal technology in classrooms as long as it is used during respectful times and doesn’t become a big distraction.

    Many students, especially older ones, use technology for important purposes. Sometimes for reminders, or schedules, or even to get updates on an important family matter. Many teenagers also struggle with anxiety, and become uncomfortable in some surroundings. They use their phone almost like a toddler uses a safety blanket. They fall back on it during awkward social situations, or when their anxiety starts to act up.

    I think students should be able to keep technology as long as it does not cause major disturbances during class at a disrespectful time.