Child Rescued from Car

Daria Kropshofer

On Monday a Flower Mound mother accidentally locked her car with her child inside. This happened while she was loading her car in a store parking lot. Her keys were also locked inside the car so she could not open the car.

She called the Flower Mound Police and Fire Department and they arrived quickly. They unlocked the car and got the child out.

Last year Texas was ranked the number one state with the most child hot car deaths by from 1990-2017. Rescuers posted a photo on Twitter to remind people of the dangers of leaving a child inside your car.

They tweeted: “We teamed up with the @FlowerMoundFD today to help rescue this little guy from a vehicle when Mom accidentally locked her car while loading it @ the store. As it gets hotter, remember a parked car can become dangerous in a very short period of time. We’re here when you need us!”