Change in Quarantine

Matthew Derow

This time in history is unlike any other. The world is going through a pandemic
and life as everyone knows it has changed forever. To many of us this is the first major event that has changed the way we can live, but for others this event feels like others in the past, like Bill Derow.
Bill Derow was born in 1944 and grew up around Dallas, Texas. He has lived
all over through the years though. He has lived through many wars and many tough times. “This is truly unlike anything I have lived through,” Bill said.
Even after living through so much, he realized that the current state of the
world is different than it ever has been. “In my entire life, nothing has really been like this,” Bill said.
He explained how he has never had his life impacted or changed as much by
any event as right now. “Life has been changed during these times, maybe even permanently.”
After all of this, he left off words of encouragement the have helped him
through challenging times. “I always would remind myself that things will change and that if I can get through this, you can too,” Bill said.