An Artist’s Mind Behind The Scenes

Kayla Tran

People see different things when they look at art. Some see the emotion behind each stroke while others may just see a nice piece of art in an exhibit. Some may not even understand what is happening in the art. Just as we never really know what is going on in an artist’s mind while creating such a piece or the reason it was created in the first place.
For artists there has to be something that motivates them in order to start a piece. For sophomore Taylor Hong while she has taken up to Art 2 at Flower Mound High School, she tells me that her motivation is her emotions.
“For me I use my different emotions to give me a reason to begin a piece,” Taylor said. “While creating a piece it helps me vent what I am feeling instead of talking.”
There is normally no sound when creating a piece of art due to the deep focus needed. In that silence, a lot of different things can go through an artist’s mind.
“In the silence of my work I still feel as if there is a conversation going on, but the conversation is between me and my art,” Taylor said. “For me I have this unspoken communication with my art even though sometimes the emotions I get from the conversation isn’t exactly conveyed in the piece.”
With emotions swaying the way a person draws or paints will also influence the different types of styles and media they use.
“For me I always like to use mechanical pencils as my media since that was what I’ve always grown up using,” Taylor said. “Art tools were always too expensive for me to get, but using a pencil allows me to go more in depth by letting me increase the details with different shadings within my drawings, which shows more of what I was feeling.”
Even with emotions driving the reason to create art, there are still times when artists don’t know exactly what to do, which is called an artistic block.
“When I am dealing with an artistic block, I try to go back and look at what I originally wanted my drawing to look like,” Taylor said. “I think to myself what did I miss and what doesn’t look right.”
Artistic blocks sometimes take time to get over and sometimes it takes just moments depending on a person.
“In order to get over my artist’s blocks I try not to feed into it with negative emotions,” Taylor said. “If anything, I start a new piece.”
With many different ideas that can come and go, there are also many different ideas left undone.
“I jump from piece to piece and sometimes not even finish a drawing,” Taylor said. “At times I think it is better to leave a drawing alone and go back to it later, so I can get fresh and new ideas on how to complete it.”
Even with unfinished pieces there are some that are finished, but occasionally there are some finished pieces that weren’t exactly what the artists envisioned.
“There are some drawings that I finished and wasn’t too happy about the results,” Taylor said. “However, when I finish a piece, I feel relieved to have finished it and not left it undone.”
With finished pieces there are those that artists aren’t satisfied with, and others they send out and get praised for such an amazing piece.
“A piece that I thought was one of my best drawings was named In the Garden,” Taylor said. “It got third place in the LISD district art show.”