Harper Leaves Lasting Impression on Students


Kayla Tran

Mrs. Harper interacts with her English I class, explaining an upcoming assignment. Combined with her kind-hearted nature, Mrs. Harper created a welcoming learning experience that many of her past students continue to recognize. “She made a safe classroom environment so I could learn and be myself,” said senior Jacelyn Paris.

Tina Luo and Kayla Tran, Staff Writers

Every day, teachers strive to provide the best possible education as students mature and progress into the real world. However, some teachers stand out, and Mrs. Susan Harper is one of them. Mrs. Harper goes above and beyond constructing creative lessons, continuously engaging with her students and providing positive reassurance, all of which students are truly thankful for. An English I teacher at the FM9 Campus, her commitment as both an educator and mentor for her students certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. To this day, many of her former students recall their engaging experiences in her classroom.

 “She’s always super positive and asks about her students, and it feels like she really cares about them outside of her class,” said junior Krista Vasconcellos.

Despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic, Mrs. Harper has continued to build relationships with her students. The drastic change to the in-person learning experience proved to be a difficult adjustment for students, however, Mrs. Harper met the challenge with patience and understanding. 

“She made me feel welcomed and helped make things seem as normal as possible during COVID,” said sophomore Morgan Dreiling. 

In addition, Mrs. Harper’s distinct teaching style inspires students to learn, inquire, and ultimately grow. The skills that students develop in her class transcend the English I classroom, encouraging success in other academic contexts and the real world.

 “She really helped me build my essays, and she was the first teacher that said I had a good writing voice,” said senior Jacelyn Paris. 

A student’s learning experience depends in large part on their teacher’s guidance and support, alongside their personal engagement in the subject. However, students often hesitate to participate in class, afraid of embarrassment and ridicule. Mrs. Harper encourages students to speak up by creating a safe learning environment in which mistakes are seen as part of the learning process. 

“She would always have something positive to say even if I messed up, and she would commend me for trying and putting input,” said Jacelyn Paris. 

Mrs. Harper’s dedication to connecting with her students, even beyond the classroom, left a special impact on their lives. Although some teachers educate students without truly learning about their distinct identities, Mrs. Harper consistently works to understand and recognize her students as unique individuals.

 “She was a great presence to have around as a teacher,” said sophomore Siddie Hoffen. “She really engaged with us and got to know us as friends.”