Mr. Russell Voted Best Principal In Denton County

Nandini Dasari, Staff Writer

Since Mr. Chad Russell took over as principal in August of 2019, this school has continually maintained its air of positive collaboration, strong student and faculty relationships, and a tight knit community. In spite of the extraordinary circumstances that followed his transition into the role of principal, i.e the global pandemic and a COVID modified school year, Mr. Russell has successfully maintained a consistency in his leadership and has worked diligently to create a healthy learning environment for students and staff.

Considering his impressive work on the school, it should be no surprise to learn that Mr. Russell has recently been featured in the Best of Denton County publication, being named “Best High School Principal”. Flower Mound High School was also selected as a winner in the same publication, earning the title of “Best Public High School” in Denton County. 

Mr. Russell continuously thanks the community of parents and students for their constant support. He explains that this support, along with his personal ties to the school are what fuel his dedication.

“My son went to school here. And, so, obviously as a parent and as an administrator, I’m very proud of this place. This is home for me,” Mr. Russell explained.

In contrast to what many would identify as a lifelong commitment to the education system, Mr. Russell claims that he did not always intend on following the career path of an educator, especially during his younger years. Previously an engineering major, Mr. Russell didn’t recognize his passion for teaching until his last year of college. He explained that his experiences while coaching a youth football team were what proved to be the turning point in his decision to shift his focus to education.

“It was just that feeling I got working with the youth football team. I thought to myself ‘I want to do that everyday’ […] so I changed my major last minute and extended my college for another year or two,” Mr Russell recalls, laughing.

Despite what seems like a spontaneous decision, Mr. Russell insists that even after decades in the education system, he has never regretted his decision.

“I think this is what I was meant to do, and I’m very happy doing it,” he emphasized.

As for the 2021-2022 school year, Mr. Russell has big hopes for the school. He plans to endorse the idea of what he calls “growth culture” as opposed to “performance culture”.

“We test well. We play well. […] Performance wise, our students do phenomenal things. And that’s great,” said Russell.“But we want to find ways to celebrate those students and those achievements where the student has shown some growth.”

Besides reminding students to learn to value and appreciate their academic growth, Mr. Russell leaves us with one last piece of advice for the coming year.

“Find ways to enjoy the little things that make your day or your world special,” he said.“Make sure to enjoy and cherish those things that you do have, and be thankful for them.”