FM Student Raises Money for Light the Night Walk


Aspen Jones, Staff Writer

The “Light the Night Walk” is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s fundraiser to build awareness and raise money for research and support of patients with blood cancers and their families. “It’s a celebration of everyone’s efforts, and everyone coming together,” said senior Amanda Paul.

Walkers carry illuminated lanterns of different colors. White balloons are carried by survivors, red by supporters, and gold balloons are carried by those walking in memory of a loved one they lost. Children, adults, and seniors all take part in the annual evening walk. The walkers all enjoy a leisurely pace, as there are no fitness requirements to participate. Usually, it is completed in under an hour. In some walks, a short route as well as an optional extended route are available. 

Quickly after starting treatment, I realized how lucky and fortunate I was to be able to afford it. That’s not the case for every patient, I wanted to raise money for those who could not afford it,” Paul said. “Not only [does The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society] fund research, but they have so many services for patients, survivors and everyone who is affected.” 

This week, Amanda is holding a fundraiser at school called Penny Wars. How it works is any student that wants to donate will bring change into school or you can go to Amanda Paul’s Instagram and click the link in her bio where you can donate. 

This noble act is what makes Amanda stand out from the rest. In total so far she has raised quite a bit of money for the “Light the Night Walk” which is used to pay for treatment for those who cannot afford it. “My original goal was $25,000, and I managed to reach it last week. My new goal is undecided as of right now,” stated Amanda Paul.