Career Centers Host Open House

Taryn Glover

Career Center East and Dale Jackson Career Center want to encourage students to register for classes in the upcoming school year. On Tuesday, February 18, the campuses held a community open house, where they invited anyone who wanted to get a chance to learn more about different courses and be able to register for them in the upcoming school year.

Students and teachers both believe that learning more about the courses that the career centers offer can be beneficial.

“You might learn something the course descriptions won’t tell you,” freshman Payton Gaskin said.

She is currently taking Principles of AAVTC at CCE. She enjoys her classes there because she likes the broad interpretation of all the arts. She would definitely recommend these classes to someone who was interested.

“You get to experience several advanced technologies or sciences and get opportunities for professional career choices,” Payton said.

LISD students like the environment and amenities that are offered at the career centers which keep them coming back.

“I like that’s it’s a more grown up environment, and we get more responsibilities,” freshman Kylie Long said.

The classes there are integrated with other high schools in LISD, but this is favorable among majority of the students.

“I got to meet new people and make a lot of friends that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken this class,” freshman Makayla Eckrich said.

A broad amount of courses are offered, too. Graphic Design is among the most popular, but they also offer Animation, A/V production, and Video Game design. Not only are high tech classes offered but also Law Enforcement, Forensic Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering, Cosmetology, and Biotechnology students looking for a more common job field. A popular class among freshmen and sophomores is Principles of AAVTC and Professional Communication which not only covers graphic design, A/V production and animation, but a speech credit is included for the professional communication portion.

“I like the fact that we’re with different schools, and it’s helping me know what career I want.” Makayla said, “I’m also getting a speech credit in a really cool way.”

The career centers highly recommend applying for courses at these campuses if they seem interesting. They want student to be able to further their interest in fields that they can possibly have a career in.

“If you don’t discover something that you’re interested in, then you’ll at least learn that none of this is what you want to do in the future and that can save time you might have wasted in the future,” Audio/Video Tech teacher Brandon Jackson said.