Got Blood?

Kayla Smith

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Flower Mound High School is constantly finding ways for students to help out the community. On April 9, in the White Gym, FMHS teamed up with Carter BloodCare once again to offer juniors and seniors the option to donate one pint of blood.

“Donating blood is just something I’ve always wanted to do,” senior Kristina Hrubo said. “I think it’s cool that you can save lives with something no one really thinks about. You can get a cut and you won’t even think about it, but blood is very important.”

The biannual blood drive, run by StuCo advisor Jennifer Owens, received 155 units of blood, enough to save 465 lives.

“It’s cool to think about the impact giving blood can make on someone’s life,” senior Hunter Huddleston said.

Students are encouraged to donate, but must meet several requirements beforehand.

“You can’t donate blood if you have had a piercing within three months,  if you have ever been pregnant, or if you have ever had mono,” Kristina said. “They have to make sure the blood is pure, so that’s why their are so many requirements.”

Students also can’t give if they have any medicine in their blood, or have had a history of drug abuse.

“A lot of my friends donated blood with me so it passed the time and also made the process more memorable,” Hunter said. “For me, everything took about an hour and a half, but being able to save someone’s life was worth it.”

After the donors give blood, they are given a snack and time to rest in order to re-energize for the rest of their day.

“I was nervous to donate for a while, but it was a great experience,” Kristina said. “I will definitely try to do it next year and will try to get some of my friends to give blood with me.”

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