A Holiday Turned Into a Funeral

Payton Killeen

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On April 16th, 2017, an elderly man named Robert Godwin was shot to death coming back from an Easter event. The man behind this murder is Steve Stephens, a behavioral health agency worker. He claimed to have killed several others, which is unproven. After over two days in a high speed chase, he killed himself when he knew he was caught.

Even though his mom and several other members of his family and work insist he was a nice guy, I think what he did was psychotic and evil. I also see him committing suicide after he knew he was getting the payback he deserved as a cowardly act. I really don’t understand this justification of his character when he shot a man dead, especially since he put this video online as he went live on Facebook.

His only reasoning for killing this man is because of his anger at his ex-girlfriend and because it seemed to him that no one cared about his problems, which is no reason to justify killing anyone ever.

I think it is unbelievable that a man who was considered a really nice guy for all of his life until his breakdown could do something this evil. He took an innocent person’s life and put it online for everyone to see. However, I know all he wanted was attention. He posted videos online ranting about how no one cared when it was him that wanted help, and that his own mother didn’t even listen to him.

Even though the blame is on Stephens for this incident, this can be taken as a lesson to listen to people who come to you for help. He clearly wanted someone to show they cared about him and snapped when he felt he wasn’t being heard.

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