A Story to Die For

Payton Killeen

On June 13th, 1994 in San Antonio, Texas, a 13 year old boy named Nicholas Barclay went to go play basketball at a neighborhood court. When he called to be picked up, his mother was asleep, his brother refused to get him or wake his mother up, and no one came to get him. Nicholas was never seen again.

While Nicholas was considered a “problem child,” he was a normal boy for the most part. He had run away before, but he never stayed gone for long and he always came back. Other than that, he was a normal boy who went to school and played sports, making his disappearance that much more mysterious, and why I think he had to be kidnapped.

My theory is that he was probably kidnapped somewhere along the way of coming home that day. The one thing that refutes that is the phone calls left by Nicholas’s older brother. A couple of weeks after Nicholas disappeared his brother called the police reporting Nicholas was trying to break in their garage, and later his brother called again saying Nicholas had been murdered. However, the police never found any sign of Nicholas and this leads me to believe his brother made all of that up.

The family also brought home a man all the way from Spain who claimed he was Nicholas, even though with DNA testing it was revealed he wasn’t. The man claimed he just did it for attention, but that doesn’t explain the family’s taking him in so easily, except for they may just really want Nicholas to come back.

Kidnapping has been a problem especially to children in the school age. Kids aren’t safe with the predators out there. This can happen to any regular family. Nicholas was described as a problem child, and there is a chance he could’ve run away for good, or he may have been kidnapped. We don’t have a lot of details on his home life because it was relatively peaceful and “normal”. To this day it remains a mystery where Nicholas is, but I do think he was kidnapped.