Conspiracy Club

Payton Killeen, Reporter

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Conspiracy Club is a group started by Yashu Pericherla in which students can discuss and teach about conspiracies they are interested in.

“It started out as a joke,” Pericherla said. “[But] I really like conspiracies, and I was looking online for the list and realized there wasn’t a Conspiracy Club or a club like it.”

Pericherla always has been interested in the mysterious aspect of conspiracies and wants to invite new in points of view and opinions to discuss them.

“I like the fact that nothing is really set in stone,” Pericherla said. “You can create anything since you don’t know the actual truth about it. You can only go as far as the actual facts and then it’s just your own insight. Anything is possible.”

The goal of the club is to offer exposure to new conspiracies and to encourage a conversation.

“Conspiracy Club is very informal,” Pericherla said. “Sabrina or I will bring a conspiracy and give the general history of it, and people will chime in with their own information.”

Conspiracy Club also serves as an open forum, and all club members are free to discuss their own conspiracies.

“Anyone can bring anything to the table,” Pericherla said. “Even if you’re shy, you can just sit and listen, but it’s really fun to hear what other people think.”

Conspiracy Club meets on Tuesdays after school in Mrs. Hoff’s room in 1430.

“Come and sit down with us,” Pericherla said.


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Conspiracy Club