Academic Calendars

Hana Ahmad, Writer

Lewisville Independent School District recently asked parents, teachers, and students in the district to vote for next year’s calendar (2018-19). The poll presented four calendar options for next year.

Calendar A: According to Calendar A, school would begin on August 13 and end on May 24 with an early release. Finals for the fall semester would also occur before Winter Break. Calendar A and B are extremely similar for students, with slight variations in start dates and student holidays.

Calendar B: With Calendar B, school would begin on August 15, meaning that this year’s summer would be a few weeks shorter compared to the length of last summer, but would return to normal the following year. This calendar is also slightly different from Calendar A, as school would begin in the middle of the week rather than on a Monday. The reasoning behind a mid-week start is that students, especially younger ones in elementary school, can more easily adjust to the school schedule. School would end on May 23 with an early release, about two weeks earlier than school currently lets out. Finals would also fall before Winter Break, which would benefit students who want the semester to end before break so they can better retain information and worry less about studying over the holidays. Calendar B won the vote and was approved by Lewisville ISD’s Board of Trustees on January 22.

Calendar C: If Calendar C were to be implemented, school would begin on August 27. Fall finals for would occur two weeks after students come back from Winter Break, similar to the calendar that is in place currently. School would end June 6.

Calendar D: Calendar D is extremely similar to Calendar C: school would begin on August 27, end on June 6, and fall finals would fall two weeks after Winter Break. There are only small differences between Calendar C and D in regards to the student holidays scattered throughout the year.