Earth day 2020: National Geographic’s new Jane Goodall Documentary

National Geographic

National Geographic

Daria Kropshofer, Staff Writer

Earth Day 2020: National Geographic’s new Jane Goodall Documentary

Jane Goodall has been an activist for over 50 years, and she still inspires so many people to follow in her footsteps. In National Geographic’s new documentary “Jane Goodall: The Hope”, which premiered on Earth Day, April 22nd, her story is told. She believes that we humans can learn a lot from animals, like respecting every creature, and compassion. Jane studied chimpanzees in Tanzania for 60 years and first discovered many groundbreaking things about them that no one before knew. Her discoveries include that chimpanzees use and make tools, that they have individual personalities, family bonds and are very much like us humans.


One motto she follows is to inspire people to do at least one good deed and, with that, inspire more humans. Every little thing counts. She encourages young (and old) people to fight for a better world, never give up and seize every opportunity. In her group the “Roots and Shoots program” she helps activists with projects concerning animals and the environment. It’s important to know that everything is interconnected. “One thing – [or] problem – leads to another,” Jane believes. Hope is the theme or topic that we most need during this time, and if we take action, we can better our entire world. One thing we should aim for is to “persuade big businesses and politicians to do the right thing by the future,” Jane concludes. Hope is everywhere, if we aim to find it. We can always improve and we need to remember this, especially during this time.