How a disruption in our daily routine affects us

Daria Kropshofer, Staff Writer

How a disruption in our daily routine affects us

Social distancing, school closure, and stress are all results of COVID-19. The virus has affected everyone, even if they’re not sick. These disruptions can cause anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

Oversleeping, as a result of at home working or learning, can do more harm than good and may leave you unfocused, stressed and irritable. It is very important, especially now, to have a regular daily routine and keep a normal sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep is essential for your brain, immune system, mental health and so much more, losing sleep can lead to critical problems, even after quarantine.

Not enough light exposure is another result of quarantine and is more important than one may think. Natural light is crucial to wake- and sleep cues and the circadian rhythm. Spending time outside in the sun is a good way to spend some time and to get some fresh air. Reducing screen time is also another way of helping your body to establish a routine again. Blue light (produced by electronic devices) interferes with the body’s natural rhythm. Limiting the time spent on electronics and avoiding use an hour before bed can help.

Staying active is also very beneficial for physical and mental health. Staying at home can cause a large decrease in physical activity, which can leave one stressed, groggy and sleepy. Going for walks and exercising outside in general as well as online workout videos or other at-home workouts are easily accessible. Working out helps reduce stress and boredom, and is very good for you.

There are many ways to stay healthy and occupied during quarantine. One important thing is to stay calm and to find ways to relax. This pandemic will be over, but as for right now we need to help our bodies with keeping up a regular daily life.