“Generous” by Olivia Holt

Scott Convery, Reporter

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The new pop song Generous by Olivia Holt sounds, well, just like any other pop sounds you’ve heard in the past half-decade. Every element of this track is formulaic. The generic beat, bridge and chorus (or lack thereof) blend in with the common rabble of pop music. Not only that, but there is actually no distinction between the bridge and the chorus. The entire song blurs together into a repetitive mess, leaving you to ask “Is it over?” around two minutes in.

And if you think watching the music video will spare you from the impending boredom, you’re in for a surprise. The accompanying music video is a prime example of slapping a pretty face on musical mediocrity. Holt’s previous reputation as a children’s network star is similar to many others like her who find future careers as run-of-the-mill musicians. The fact that “stars” lacking actual passion are favored over aspiring artists with a passion for art is one of the reasons our current musical climate is so lackluster. Certain production companies are cranking out music from creators like this as a product, not the art form it should be.

Although this song is no work of art, it has the potential to do what it was made to do: scale the charts. Songs like this are produced and manufactured with a specific formula to be a pop hit, and I firmly believe that like its predecessors, it will have a brief but bright place in the spotlight.

But at the end of the day, Generous is nothing more than an uninspired, manufactured pop song devoid of meaning or heart.

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