Shazam Movie Review

Demry Voelkner

“Shazam” is about a 14 year old kid named Billy Batson who is played by Asher Angel. Billy gets one last chance in a large foster family. One day at school Billy protects his new foster brother, Freddy. Freddy has a disability, but when Billy sticks up for him he ends up in an old wizard’s lair. Suddenly the old wizard gives Billy the ability to change into a superhero by saying the magic words “Shazam.” In his new life Billy explains to Freddy what happened. They begin to test out Shazam’s powers. Shazam thinks everything is fun and games until he runs into Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, who seeks to destroy Billy in order to fully unleash monsters known as the Seven Deadly Sins on the world.

Many people have ended up loving the movie because of the lighthearted touch that the actors bring. This movie is perfect for little kids and preteens seeing that it has humor everyone can relate to, despite occasional moments of darkness. The storyline offers a different take on family. It shows how much parents can love their kids no matter what. Billy, who resents being a foster kid, may not see how amazing this family is, but audiences will. A child said, “This movie is hilarious, light-hearted, and has great messages about the importance of family. In fact, I think this movie is funnier than Deadpool.” Overall this movie is perfect if you want a good laugh.