Why We Are Baking So Much



Alison Wade, Assistant Editor

While people have been confined to their homes, baking has notably increased. A huge majority of society has turned to social media to share the ways their lives have been changed by Coronavirus and one of the biggest moving trends is #stressbaking or #quarantinebaking. It’s with no doubt that if you go onto Twitter or Instagram you can find people sharing their experiences with baking.


Because we are all cooped up at home with an insurmountable amount of time, many people are willing to pick up a new hobby or create desserts they haven’t had in years. Creating these recipes can spur nostalgia, creativity, or give the baker a sense of accomplishment (something that’s getting harder and harder to find when you are stuck at home). Freshman Sadie Larson, said, “I like baking because it’s fun trying new recipes and experimenting with techniques… also the food!”
Another logical reason for the sharp uptick in baking is that people are finding it therapeutic. Culinary therapists are saying that the simplest explanation for the increased baking is that people are using it as a form of mindfulness. Baking can be incredibly calming. It is an ordered process and it’s a distraction from your current problems. Baking is usually connected with happy occasions, so it’s nice for the baker to do something that brings some joy during these tumultuous times. Currently, everyone is under newfound stress, so it’s no surprise that they are finding a new way to cope.
If nothing else, baking sheds off a few hours from the day and leaves you with a delicious treat!