The Worst Kind of People

Emily Armey

Imagine meeting someone that you get along with really easily. You then go on to be friends for years and tell them everything, but one day you meet their other friends and see them acting completely different. You just met and befriended the worst kind of people; fake friends.
These people fake a lot about themselves. They fake personalities, secrets, and past traumas. They tell you one thing and then tell their friend something completely different. They also have the ability to make stuff up about you and then deny it all. But how would I know? Because I used to have a fake friend.
In my and other people’s experiences that I have talked to, fake friends put you into a vulnerable place whether they know or not. They get you to a place where you trust them enough to tell them about personal matters that can range from who you like to what this person did that made you upset. Almost every time they would gossip about what you said or spread several rumors. These people can be mean and use you.
One of my biggest pet peeves about these kinds of people is how different they act around other people. Around one person they are kind and prefer dogs and around another person they are loud and prefer cats. It makes them seem like a psychopath. Like they don’t have an honest personality of their own. And it can really mess with your mind. You think you really know someone, but then find out you just scratched the surface of their complex life.
Fake friends are the worst and if you have one you should drop them immediately. Don’t know if you can tell, but I’m going through something right now that may involve a fake friend. I stand by all of this.