Is TV Too White?

Destini Collier, J1 Guest Writer

“Is TV Too White?” Ummmm, very straightforward and the fact that the question has to be asked leads to a very obvious answer. Yes, Tv is too white. To me as a person of color who was raised in a very electronic generation.
I believe that Tv is too white, because most mainstream shows that could be played by a person of color, are played by a white person. As for example the show “Girls’? It could easily be played by at LEAST one woman of color. Instead it’s played by FOUR, not one but FOUR, white women.
No hate to white women at all, my mother is white, but certain roles in movies or shows could’ve been easily handed to a woman of color. We don’t have that many Tv shows with women that aren’t white. For example we have: How to Get Away With Murder, Black-ish, Being Mary-Jane, Insecure, Gray’s Anatomy, Orange is The New Black and a couple of others.
While on the other hand white people have: Friends, The Bachelor, The 100, Pretty Little Liars, Flash Point, Lost Girl, Schitt’s Creek, Full House, Fuller House, Modern Family, The Brady Bunch, The Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond, and many more.
People of color aren’t represented in easy roles or even the hardest. We have to fight more for something than a white person. So yes in my opinion Tv is too white. And as it’s being more noticed and called out more, we are being represented. But it’s still hard, because of the color of their skin. Not because of their skill set.
White people have been given the advantage in life, whether it seems like it or not they have, and people of color have been put on the back burner and have been held there for many and many years.
But Gen Z is so loud that we are finally getting represented, more than we have ever been and it’s amazing. Because these young kids of color have someone that looks like them to grow up to, instead of a white person who they can’t relate to nor can connect with.