Movie Review: Tom and Jerry the Movie

Sam Derow, J1 Guest Writer



When Tom And Jerry comes to mind mostly people probably think of a childish show, but the new movie offers a lot more. Tom And Jerry: The Movie, is a 2021 film that follows the two characters as well as many other characters. It takes place in New York in a hotel right before a very important wedding. Throughout the movie, Tom and Jerry get into all kinds of trouble, and continue their rivalry, which has been going for countless years, decades even. Before watching this movie, I thought that it wouldn’t be funny and it would be for little kids. While much of it is meant to appeal to a younger audience, there are also many parts that older kids and adults can enjoy too. This movie has a lot to offer to different people, and overall, is worth a watch. At the very least the movie will give a few laughs and some nostalgia to those who grew up watching Tom and Jerry. I would rate this movie a 7 out of ten. It has a lot to offer for the kids, but it also includes a few jokes for the parents to enjoy. This would be a great watch for anyone struggling to pick a movie for their next family movie night.