Is It Okay for Men/Boys to Comment on Women/Girls?

Ava Washington, J1 Guest Writer

Catcalling is a form of objectification and is wildly uncomfortable and alarming for the recipient. Catcalling has become a normal occurrence for many women across the globe. Almost all women have experienced street harassment. 87 percent of American women between the ages of 18-64 have been harassed by a male stranger; and over one half of them experienced “extreme” harassment including being touched, grabbed, brushed or followed by a strange man on the street or other public place. It’s not only inappropriate but also extremely disrespectful. It needs to stop. 

A lot of men argue that catcalling is a form of compliment towards women but almost every woman disagrees. What if it was your daughter, mother, or sister being whistled at walking down the street, or grabbed by the arm and commented on what they were wearing. Most people would be angry. 

No one knows what another person has been through. Even if a man is just trying to “compliment” someone’s appearance they could potentially take it the wrong way because of something they’ve been through in the past. You never know how someone could respond.

Catcalling could even be potentially dangerous. A lot of women carry pepper spray and hand held weapons around just in case they feel threatened by someone else on the street. They could choose to become violent if they feel threatened by someone around them.  

Catcalling is not only inappropriate and disrespectful but could be potentially dangerous for both sides. It needs to stop.